STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics)

The Edgerton Explorit Center is advancing student knowledge in STEAM subjects and changing our future by creating amazing experiences that encourage discovery through play, asking questions, exploration and using creativity to solve simple problems. Amazing experiences turn into unforgettable learning experiences that can inspire and motivate children to want to learn and explore more on their own.  The greatest benefit of our programming is that it fosters a love of learning, instills passion and drive to learn that is crucial during the elementary years.  With these skills in their toolbox, students will be equipped to tackle the challenges of real world.


  • Number of unfilled STEAM vacancies are higher than qualified candidates.

  • The average salary for STEAM jobs is 70% more than the national average

  • It is estimated that over the next 10 years, the nation could face a shortage of one million STEAM workers.

  • The U.S. Bureau of Statistics says in the next 20 years 80% of jobs will require technical skills

  • Elementary school educators need to be generalists, being instructors of all content area topics.   STEAM education needs to be a priority long before a child reaches high school. Although some students who are introduced to STEAM in high school stick with it in college and beyond, for many others high school is simply too late to develop long-term interest in STEAM subjects.

  • STEAM employees are in charge of building communities and moving the nation forward

  • STEAM teaches us how to problem solve

  • STEAM teaches us critical thinking

  • STEAM prepares students for a rapidly advancing future

U.S. rank in STEAM proficiency among developed countries

in innovative-based competitions
in science literacy among top students
in mathematics literacy among top students

Innovation aptitude gauge among young adults

75% of 8th graders are not proficient in mathematics when they complete 8th grade
38% of U.S. students say STEAM topics are too complicated
34% of U.S. students don’t know much about STEAM
28% of U.S. students said they were not well prepared at school for further STEAM Education

The Edgerton Explorit Center is committed to making these statistics change with our unmatched STEAM Education… Full STEAM AHEAD!