Hello from the Edgerton Explorit Center,                    

With the start of the spring term, we look forward to yet another successful year of providing unmatched STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) education to the schools of Nebraska.  Each new school year presents new opportunities, and we are excited to share the wonders of STEAM with you, your fellow staff members, and your students.

The past year has been a tough year for education and we are looking forward to getting back to some normalcy in 2021.  The past six years (excluding 2020), the Edgerton Explorit Center served over 200,000 students, teachers and families each year from all 93 counties in Nebraska.  Response from participating students and schools remains overwhelmingly positive.  If your school has not utilized our programming in the past, we encourage you to do so; your students are guaranteed to get excited about STEAM topics and learning.   Programming options include field trips to the Center in Aurora and our Edgerton On The Move (EOTM) programs – where we bring the science fun to YOU! Both options include time in our Explorit Zone, consisting of activity stations where students can explore, learn and play, plus our exciting live science demonstrations, family nights and hands on labs.   The Family Night option allows parents, siblings and friends to join in the STEAM fun!

We have three options for programming for 2021 and hope that an option will work for your students so they do not miss this great opportunity.  Our enclosed programming guide includes information on all of our programming except for the virtual. 

Programming options include:

  1. Book an exclusive field trip to the Edgerton Center. To keep our visitors safe, we are allowing schools to reserve a day where they can have the center to themselves. Our staff sanitizes exhibit and the facility continually to ensure the safety of our visitors.   Since this is a change from the past where we would have 2 or 3 school visits each day it will be crucial to book your exclusive field trip program as soon as possible to ensure you can book a day. 
  2. Edgerton On The Move (EOTM) – we come to you. Our educators bring our programming to your school and can include a single demonstration to a full-blown science explosion 2-day event that includes demonstrations, hands on labs and our traveling Explorit Zone.

                    This is a great option to include your entire school or multiple classes instead of just one class. 

                    We even have a family night, which allows you to include families in the learning process.

  1. The last option is virtual programming. Our virtual programming can include any of our live demonstrations and labs from our programming guide. This program is perfect for schools that cannot travel to the Edgerton Explorit Center or for students learning from home. Our distance learning programs bring you inside the most popular demonstrations or labs through video conferencing.  These programs are fun, interactive, and correlate with state and national standards.  Connecting is easy.  The only technology required for a classroom is a webcam, microphone and internet connection. 

Virtual Program fee:  $125 per demonstration

Virtual Lab Fees:

            You provide materials: $2.00 per student

            We ship you the materials:  $7.00 students

Want to know more? Call us at 402-694-4032 or find more information online at www.edgerton.org.  I am mailing you a pricing and demonstration information.  Please share this information with your staff and have them schedule your field trip, EOTM program or virtual program today! We would love the opportunity to work with you, your staff and your students. 


Mary Molliconi

Executive Director
Edgerton Explorit Center
208 16th St
Aurora, Nebraska  68818