2021 Summer Library Reading Program

Now here’s a theme we have very well-covered, with lots of options to enhance your summer reading program!  Our science educators have developed a special summer science demonstration to fit perfectly with the summer reading program theme “Tales and Tails.”  We book fast for summer programs, so make your reservations today! (Please note mileage and, if needed, overnight accommodations are added to program cost.)

Talons & Tails  NEW!

The Edgerton Explorit Center is partnering with Fontenelle Forest’s Raptor Program to bring this rare and unique opportunity to view birds of prey through a true educational experience. Our informative session with live raptors which include a Screech Owl, American Kestrel, and a Swainson’s Hawk. You will learn the fun and fascinating facts of these amazing creatures including the identification of raptors, their natural habitat and habits associated with their surroundings. Hands-on labs available in conjunction with the program. This program is offered at the Center and with our Edgerton On The Move Program.


Hands-on labs


Owl Pellet Dissection (3rd and up)

What are owl pellets? They are the regurgitated remains of an owl’s meal, including all the bones of the animals it ate (usually small rodents). Owls usually swallow their food whole, digest the edible parts, and then expel the indigestible parts through their mouth as a pellet. It might sound gross, but dissecting these is a project most kids love! 30-45 minutes


Nest Engineering Lab

Raptors are expert nest engineers and they make their nests out of lots of different materials. Their ability to build nests that support and protect their eggs and young is an adaptation that has helped them survive and thrive within their habitats.

Option #1 (K – 3rd) In this lab, students build a nest that can protect their eggs. Just like real birds, you can use a combination of natural and man-made materials to build your nest that are provided.

Option #2 (4th and up) In this lab option, students get to test their nests to see if they can safely catch an egg. 30 – 45 minutes.


Owl Eyesight Lab (1st – 3rd)

Did you know that owls have unique eyes? They have something called binocular vision. No wonder they have to turn their heads almost completely around to see the world around them. This unique owl eyesight keeps them from seeing well from side to side. In this lab, students make an owl mask and use it so they can see and understand how binocular vision words 30 – 45 minutes


Edgerton Summer programming is customized to each library and their specific needs. Programming can include one or several demonstrations, our traveling Explorit Zone or even an entire Science Discovery Day. The traveling Explorit Zone includes 35 hands-on science activity stations with which children of all ages can play and interact. Programming also includes an option for a science discovery day during which you can have up to six demonstrations of your choice plus the traveling Explorit Zone.

Cost for Library Program:

  • First demonstration or lab: $350
  • Each additional demonstration or lab: $125
  • Four demonstration or labs: $600 ($125 discount)

Virtual Programming

  • $125 Per Demonstration
  • Hands-On Labs You provide materials
    25 or less students:  $50
    26 or more students:  $2.00 per student
  • Hands-On Labs We provide and ship materials
    25 or less students:  $100
    26 or more students: $7.00 per student


Traveling Explorit Zone or Family Night Program: $800

  • Includes one 30 minute demonstration
  • Gym set up with traveling Explorit Zone for up to 2 hours
  • No labs available for this program

Science Discovery Day: $1,750

  • Full day of science activities for an entire school
  • Choose from any combination of six demonstrations and/or labs for the event
  • Traveling Explorit Zone setup for entire program

Portable Planetarium: $350 (half-day) or $600 (full day)

  • Half day consists of up to four half-hour shows done every 45 minutes, full day is up to eight shows
  • Requires open space at least 20 feet per side with 10-foot or taller ceilings
  • Ask about live nighttime stargazing with telescopes

*Round trip mileage will be in addition to EOTM programming fees.

**Educators leave Aurora no earlier than 6 am and return no later than 11 pm. Depending on your requests, lodging may be necessary. This cost is additional, and is not included in the EOTM price.