2024 Summer Library Program

The Edgerton Explorit Center’s educators have demonstrations and labs that will cover the ultimate adventure – SPACE!  Reserve your summer program soon – our schedule fills up fast! We book fast for summer programs, so make your reservations today! (Please note mileage and, if needed, overnight accommodations are added to program cost.)  Call us at 402-694-4032 or email mary@edgerton.org to schedule.


Spaceflight Explorers!

In this show our amazing education staff will investigate the science of spaceflight: how we get into space (and where it begins), and how living and working in space is different compared to back on Earth. We’ll even perform an astronaut training exercise! Many materials and curriculum in this show are supplied by NASA’s Spaceflight Explorers program. Don’t be fooled by the subject you’ll learn a lot about science on Earth as well as in space! This program is offered at the Center and with our Edgerton On The Move Program.

Portable Planetarium (All Age Ranges)

An interactive tour of the night sky, with our portable planetarium, we literally bring the universe and adventure to you! Our inflatable dome and projection system cannot only show you the night sky as it appears from Earth, but we can travel throughout the Solar System as well. We can even recreate a view of the sky from the Moon and can even show you the magic of an eclipse, like the one coming in April.  Shows last thirty minutes and are performed every forty five minutes. Planetarium requires a room at least 20 feet per side with a ceiling of 10 feet high.


Hands-on lab opportunities:

Stomp Rockets (2nd and up)

Learn about beginning rocketry as we build and launch these simple cardstock rockets. Students will decorate and LAUNCH their rockets, watching the fun fly!  After the lab, ask about plans for the launch pad to keep the fun going! 60+ minutes

Spectroscopes (4th and up)

How can scientists identify the composition of a star — or the gas inside of a street light — by looking at its light? In this lab, we’ll build a spectroscope, a device that breaks up light into component colors. Students

Mallonaut Spacesuit Building (4th and up)

We have a piece of an actual NASA spacesuit; the different layers are imperative to keep astronauts safe in space. With this lab, we will discuss space, vacuums, and spacesuits.  Students will then create spacesuits to keep our marshmallow astronauts safe from a vacuum. 45-60+ minutes


Cost for Library Program:

  • First demonstration or lab: $400
  • Each additional demonstration or lab: $160
  • Four demonstration or labs: $755 ($125 discount)


Portable Planetarium:  $425 (half day) or $850 (full day)

  • Half day consists of up to four half hour shows done every 45 minutes
  • Full day is up to eight half hour shows done every 45 minutes
  • Requires open space at least 20 feet per side with 10 foot ceilings


Science Discovery Day:  $1,950  

  • Full day of STEAM activities for an entire school
  • Choose from any combination of six demonstrations and/or labs for the event
  • Traveling Explorit Zone setup for entire program


Family Night Program: $1,000   

  • Includes one demonstration
  • Traveling Explorit Zone setup for up to 2 hours
  • No labs available with this program


*Round trip mileage will be in addition to EOTM programming fees.

**Educators leave Aurora no earlier than 6 am and return no later than 11 pm. Depending on your requests, lodging may be necessary. This cost is additional, and is not included in the EOTM price.