PlanetariumPlanetarium (All Age Ranges)

An interactive tour of the night sky, with our portable planetarium, we literally bring the universe to you! Our inflatable dome and projection system cannot only show you the night sky as it appears from Earth, but we can travel throughout the Solar System as well. We can even recreate a view of the sky from the Moon. Shows last thirty minutes and are performed every forty-five minutes. Planetarium requires a room at least 20 feet per side with a ceiling of 10 feet high. The Edgerton Explorit Center’s portable planetarium is available for field trips and Edgerton on the Move (EOTM) programs.

The planetarium allows for programming on the daytime and nighttime sky but also can show prerecorded full dome planetarium shows. With a diameter of five meters, the inflatable dome will have enough room to seat a class of 25 students on the floor. Visitors enter the dome walking in, and the dome is not wheelchair accessible.

The planetarium was funded by several generous donors, including B.K. and Norma Heuermann Foundation Fund, Heuermann Family Trust Fund, the Get R Done Foundation, Woodard Trust, Southern Power, Hamilton Telecommunications and an anonymous donor.

Planetarium Shows: $400 to $800

  • 30 minute interactive tour of the night sky with an Edgerton Educator.
  • $400 for half day, up to 4 thirty minute shows done every 45 minutes.
  • $800 for full day, up to 8 thirty minute shows.
  • Ask about our live stargazing program
  • Ask about full dome videos to enhance your experience
  • Requires open space at least 20 feet per side with 10 foot ceilings
  • Dome is not wheelchair accessible and viewers have to sit on the floor.
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