Edgerton Explorit Center

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Offsite Program Packages

Offsite Demonstration

  • First demonstration or lab: $400
  • Each additional demonstration or lab: $160
  • Lab limited to 25 students per session

Science Discovery Day: $1,950

  • Full day of science activities for an entire school
  • Choose from any combination of six demonstrations and/or labs for the event
  • Traveling Explorit Zone setup for entire program

Family Night Program: $1000

  • Includes one 30 minute demonstration
  • Gym set up with traveling Explorit Zone available for up to 2 hours
  • No labs available for this program

Portable Planetarium: $425 (half day) – $850 (full day)

  • Half day consists of up to four half-hour shows done every 45 minutes, full day is up to eight shows
  • Requires open space at least 20 feet per side with 10-foot or taller ceilings
  • Ask about live nighttime stargazing with telescopes

Science Explosion 2 Day Event: $3,050

  • Up to ten demonstrations and/or labs of your choice
  • Gym set up with traveling Explorit Zone for both days
  • Family Night on day one with traveling Explorit Zone

Get STEAMED Mini Golf 4 hours: $525

Get STEAMED Mini Golf 8 hours: $1,050

Edgerton On The Move Frequently Asked Questions

* Round trip mileage will be in addition to EOTM programming fees.
**Educators leave Aurora no earlier than 6 am and return no later than 11 pm. Depending on your requests, lodging may be necessary. This cost is additional, and is not included in the EOTM price.

Title One School Support.  Contact Mary Molliconi at 402-694-4032 or mary@edgerton.org for information on financial assistance for On The Move Programs.


Offered on and offsite. Click here for demonstration descriptions.

  • Arctic Blast (States of matter)
  • Amazing Bubbles (Science of bubbles)
  • FUNDamentals of Science
  • Sparks (Electricity)
  • Spaceflight Explorers (Space)
  • Raptorology – The Science of Raptors (Birds of Prey)
  • Portable Planetarium
  • Stopping Time (Strobe light physics)
  • Go Show! (Newton’s laws of motion)
  • Good Vibrations (Sound)
  • The ABC’s of Chemistry


Offered on and offsite. Click here for lab descriptions.

  • Color Mixing
  • Dino Excavators
  • Density Bubble Tube/Lava Tubes
  • Slime
  • Owl Eyesight
  • Grass Heads
  • Stomp Rocket
  • Glitter Blood
  • Flashlights
  • Owl Pellet Dissection
  • Soda Can Catapult
  • NASA Mallow-naut Spacesuit
  • Marble Machines
  • Spectroscope
  • Get STEAMED Portable Miniature Golf Course
  • Helicopter Lab
  • Eagle Wing Construction Lab