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The Super Science Saturday focuses on our mission of providing hands-on science engagement and learning for all ages. This program in created to offer an opportunity for family learning, and is taught by our mad scientists, invited scientists, or topic professionals.

This program runs from 1:30-3:30pm at the Edgerton Explorit Center unless otherwise specified. Free to members, topics vary as do dates, so please like and follow us on Facebook,

Dates and Topics for Fall/Winter 2018

September: 15th
Monarch Watch Butterfly Tagging

The Monarch Watch Tagging Program is a large-scale citizen science project that was initiated in 1992 to help understand the dynamics of the monarch’s spectacular fall migration through mark and recapture. Check out more here Monarch watch.  

October: 27th
Spooktacular and 5K Bash&Dash

Every year one of our favorite days is doing our 5k Bash&Dash with The Leadership Center, and having our Halloween Spooktacular.  At this event all things spookey, silly, and Halloween fun abounds.

November: 10th

Come follow Mad scientist Dan as he introduces us to the field of science known as Chemistry.  These are not just potions, but real life science experiments that will be sure to amaze.

December: 15th – 30th
Christmas Caper Escape Room

Our Escape Room is Back!  Come help Santa by putting this space back to rights.  This original escape room is for groups of up to 6, has holiday themed challenges for the whole family! Signup for spaces will begin Dec. 1st. (We will have more information for you as we near closer to that time.)


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