2018 Library Summer Reading Program

//2018 Library Summer Reading Program
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 “Let it Rock! – The Science of Sound”

Our science educators have been working hard, and developed a special demonstration targeted to the summer library reading theme “Let it Rock.”

Your library can choose one of the four Science of Sound demonstration options.  This is a great way to get children excited about science and the world around them!

Lower Elementary Sound

We are going to have lots of fun as we learn the FUNdamentals of Sound!  For our lower elementary we will make lots of noise and do lots of experiments to make the tie between vibrations and sound, and size with pitch.  There is a shorter 30 min option ($350) or an expanded 60min option ($450).

Upper Elementary and Older

As students get older, we can really start to rock out!  While we will look at the same topics as with the younger students, with the older students we will delve in even deeper to how sound works – getting to see the sound waves in fire!  For the older students we will have an open flame (it is safe and fireman inspected) but a space that fits 2 banquet tables end to end and has at least 10′ ceilings is necessary.  This program also has a 30min shorter presentation ($350) and expanded 60min program ($450)

Milage is additional to all presentations!  Set up before hand takes about an hour, take down about half an hour.  If you are one of our friends from further away hotel accomidation may also be necessary.

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