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In an effort to reduce waste, only a few extras of each session's supplies will be purchased. Those supplies will go first to registered participants, and then on a first-come first-served basis to walk-ins. In line with this, because of limited space, do make sure to pay attention to which session you are signing up for, or contact us with questions.

Sept. 15th - Prairie Plants & Seed Collection
Oct. 27th - Light (Laser Show)
Nov. 17th - Cooking and Nutrition
Dec. 8th - Simple Machines
Jan. 12th - Art in Science
Feb. 2nd - Electricity (CLOSED)
Mar. 9th - Reptiles (CLOSED)
April 6th - The Sun

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I, the undersigned parent or guardian of the child named above does hereby consent his or her participation in the Edgerton Explorit Center Afterschool Program. I acknowledge that participation in the program may expose the above named student/students to possible injury. I agree to waive and release the Edgerton Explorit Center from all claims of damages that may arise. I authorize the Edgerton Explorit Center and other organizations affiliated with their Afterschool Program to use photographs of my child on Facebook, their website, promotional brochures and at the center.

I also give permission to transport or walk my child to special events and field trips off site during the Afterschool Program. I acknowledge that my child/children is expected to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner and participate in all activities. If inappropriate behavior issues are consistent, your child will be asked to take a break from the program until the problems have been addressed, corrected and resolved.
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If you can’t submit this registration online, contact Mary Molliconi at 402-694-4032. Once your registration is processed, we will contact you about the program. For more information, please contact Mary Molliconi at 402-694-4032 or

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