The Super Science Saturday focuses on our mission of providing hands-on science engagement and learning for all ages. This program in created to offer an opportunity for family learning, and is taught by our mad scientists, invited scientists, or topic professionals.

This program runs from 1:30-3:30pm at the Edgerton Explorit Center unless otherwise specified. Free to members, topics vary as do dates, so please like and follow us on Facebook,

Super Science Saturday Dates and Topics

Sept. 9th –¬†Chytrid Testing
We are going to do a citizen science project to collect data about the chytrid fungus, which has been spreading through amphibian populations throughout the United States with devastating effects. Chytrid affects frogs, toads and salamanders, but much needs to be learned about the disease, how it spreads and which species are most susceptible. This is where scientists need you to help!

For this session, we meet at the center for a short introduction before caravanning in your own vehicles to Bader Park (near Chapman). Here we hope to find toads and frogs to sample along the Platte River.

Oct. 21st and 26th  -Halloween Fun!

Our Halloween Bash and Dash October 21st is a 5k Fun Run/Walk we do with TLC will start off our festivities, with a Scientist coming at 1:30 -3:30 to talk about SPIDERS!!!

We will also have a Fun Night, Oct. 26th after Scare the Square!